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Activating your ClientConnect Account

The information below walks you through the steps involved in activating your ClientConnect account. To start the ClientConnect activation process you will receive an email from your Service Provider with an activation link.

Activate Your Account

Click the Activate My ClientConnect Account link in the email sent to you by your Service Provider. 

Step 1: Things You Should Know

In this step you need to review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use agreement. Once you have reviewed the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use agreement then click Accept.

The activation process includes an acknowledgment of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use agreement which you agree to when using ClientConnect. These agreements include information about how we handle the privacy of your data and the terms and conditions of using ClientConnect.

Privacy Policy

The information in ClientConnect is made available to you in a secure manner. We use cookies, your IP address and other data to keep your data private. You can find the Privacy Policy in the footer of all ClientConnect screens.

Terms of Use

By using ClientConnect you agree to be bound by our Terms of Use policy. You can find the Terms of Use Agreement in the footer of all ClientConnect screens.

Important Information

If you receive an Engage email and click on the Document Task link prior to activating your ClientConnect account, the link will not work and you will be taken to a blank page. The ClientConnect account needs to be activated prior to clicking the link. Once you have activated your ClientConnect account the Document will be available in your Things I Need To Do List.

Step 2: Confirm Who You re

In this step you simply need to confirm your identify by entering your date of birth.

Step 3: Set Your Password

In this step you will need to provide a password for your ClientConnect account.

Passwords should be at least 11 characters long using a variety of characters including numbers, upper/lowercase letters and symbols. We recommend avoiding using passwords from other sites or something easy for someone else to guess.

If you forget your password don’t worry we can help you recover it later if needed.

Updated on November 29, 2019

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