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Viewing Your Service Overview

Your My Services page displays information about the services you are receiving from your Service Provider. There are two tabs available (Overview and Timeline) to help you quickly access the information you are looking for.

View Your Service Overview

Your Service Overview is a summary of your services. To access Your Service Overview:

  1. Click the My Services tile on your home screen.
  2. On the My Services screen click the Overview tab.

What’s Included in Your Service Overview


You can start a discussion with your Service Provider from the Your Service Overview screen. A Discussion is a two-way conversation similar to email. Depending on your Service Provider, this feature may or may not be available. Please contact your Service Provider if you have any questions.

To start a Discussion from Your Service Overview:

  1. Click the Start a Discussion with (Service Provider name).
  2. Enter a Subject.
  3. Enter a Message.
  4. Click Send.

Your Discussion will be sent to your Service Provider. Any replies will be available in your Inbox in ClientConnect.

Request an Event

An event (appointment) can be requested from Your Service Overview.

  1. Click Request an Event with (Service Provider name).
  2. Select the Service (if enrolled in multiple services).
  3. Select your Preferred Date by clicking on the calendar. Days with availability are highlighted with a green circle.
  4. Select from the Available Appts.
  5. Enter a Message (if required).
  6. Click Send.

You will receive confirmation of your event (appointment) in ClientConnect.

Request a New Service

It may be possible to request a new service with your Service Provider. If this option is available a Request a New Service button will appear.

Full instructions on how to request a new service can be found by clicking here.

Filter Your Service Overview

You can use a variety of filters to narrow down which services are visible in Your Service Overview. The following filters are available:

  • Service
  • Include Closed Services

To apply one or more filters to Your Service Timeline:

  1. Click the My Services tile on your home screen.
  2. Select the Overview tab.
  3. Click Show Options.
  4. Choose the filters you want to implement.
  5. Click Filter.

Updated on November 29, 2019

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